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Applications of Psychological Knowledge

TonVoogtConsultancy, founded by Ton Voogt, is a growing partnership in the Netherlands: Wim van Beers, Agnieszka Konopka, Erica Gasseling, Peter Zomer and in Asia: Huiyan Zhang, Lily Chen, Tan Wufeng, Choon-Neo Siow, Even Gong and Frans van Gunsteren. Each partner contributes their competences. The main competence areas are: Cooperation, Leadership and Self Management. We share our professional competences with OD specialists, trainers, facilitators, coaches in specific trainings for professionals.

Expertise nearby: I-coaching

Coaching in written dialogues, is a new professional application with strong, unique possibilities. No need for f2f contact, no appointments limited in time and space. Expertise when you need it.

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Training practioners

Practitioners first of all focus on their specific tools. Tools for decision making, for enhancing creativity, tools for sharing, tools for mastering specific skills.

We add to their first competence knowledge and practices on: habit change; handling groups processes; handling implementing with the Organisation Development approach.

Projects for practitioners ...

Training for Coaches in the methodology of self-constructing .

A one day workshop for psychologists and coaches ...
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