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Cooperation with your own benefit up front

Cooperation is an area Ton Voogt studied for thirty years. He shares his knowledge in the book COWORKING. He applicate in lectures, introduction workshops, days of training, in organisation, development projects and in individual coaching.

The theoretical fundaments to COWORKING

The decision to enter such collaboration consists of nine different conditions

What will cooperation achieve for me?

Appraisal of others.

Individual thoughts and experiences.

Effective cooperation requires managing egoism and altruism, together with the drive for competition and success

The greater the distance, the more difficult successful cooperation becomes

Avoidance of complexities.

Speaking and writing are the building blocks of cooperation

How can I build cooperation without giving away too much of myself? A tactical approach should be considered

To realise the basic values of one’s own importance in building and maintaining cooperation.

Scheme of the nine conditions that influence a choice to cooperate
The building blocks for cooperation

The Quick Scan on Cooperative Readiness

The Quick Scan on Cooperative Readiness assesses these nine factors which influence the decision to accept cooperation. The result indicates the need for cooperation within an organisation. Good cooperation in an organisation is one of the most significant success factors – a Key Performance Indicator. Companies succeed in business with good internal cooperation.

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Look Inside and download COWORKING

Is an improvement in cooperation desirable for your company?

A total approach starts with recognition of strategic importance. Continuous attention to management system construction is a condition of consistently high performance. This can only be achieved through the precise management of daily habits in all contracts

Each route in an organisation is different. Projects frequently begin with improvement in cooperation between linked departments. Sometimes a manager may receive attention because he promotes inspirational acceleration. Sometimes one’s own cooperation skills are the beginning of a journey. Success is only possible when the top-management continually boosts and steers a project.

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