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Workshops, Trainings, Courses is a platform where partners show their competences. Ton Voogt. The partners in The Inspire Group: Joanne Zhang, Lily Chen and Wufeng Tan. In the Netherlands: Erica Gasseling.

All develop new learning opportunities based on their research and practical experiences. They share their unique training programs, new ideas, concepts, proven trainings.

On Cooperation, Collaboration, Coworking

A two day open course on COWORKING

  • Learning a CoWorking framework with nine influencing conditions

  • Applying the Quick Scan on Cooperation Readiness to your own organization

  • Practicing applying the nine conditions through simulated games and other exercises

  • Using your own case to gain on site diagnosis and recommendations for your real case

  • Developing a work plan for improving cooperation in your own organizations


The workshop is well received by the clients Baidu, Lenovo, TE, Unionpay, ABB.

To continue the momentum, he is giving a workshop in Beijing on December 9 and 10, 2014 ( I cordially invite you and your colleagues to the workshop. I'll be there to assist. Lily Chen.

Please read the invitation for more details

Effective Cooperation in Organizations

To stay competitive in a highly dynamic business environment, organizations today are shifting towards a flexible structure of organizing. The traditional command and control is giving way to an open, flexible, and collaborative culture.

A two day workshop. Text in English and Chinese.

CEOs regard interpersonal skills of cooperation as key drivers of success.

Some softening of the cooperation pain

Many conditions in life cannot be changed because one cannot influence. Other people are not easy to change. One cannot change oneself into another person. Some habit change is possible on the cost of intense efforts. One day workshop.

Cooperation, Collaboration, coworking

On Leadership

Strengthening Woman Leadership

A one day Personal Development Trajectory aimed to strengthen the leadership influencing power. The strengthening will come from the inside of their personalities. Special attention to situations when facing male colleagues.

Strengthening Woman Leadership ...

Inspired Management

The challenge for every manager is to stay firmly well-connected with one's own basic motives, and from there to inspire people to commit to long-term cooperation.

A four day course with intense personal coaching.

The brochure for this management course

Inspirational Leadership

Reality in business is often boring. Repetition of the same failures. When you are lucky 70% are successful activities. People change in concentration. Managers have problems that absorb their focus. Be inspired and renew inspiration.

A two day training
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