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Executive coaching, Leadership coaching.

Clients asked me for support:

  • 3 new directors soon enter our board. We want to prevent blockades in the cooperation.

  • He is a successful director of the Asia region. We want him to contribute at global level.

The case: A man on the way to self destruction ...
  • My start-up grows very fast. I face new decisions.

  • A major change in the structure of our company. Managers have to act from new positions. All relations changed. We do not want to be confronted with trouble caused by not-accepted change.

The case: A guided Organisation Transition ...

Our unique approach to coaching

Coaching aims performances improvement now and in the future. The better one learns to handle one's own habits the more flexible one will be in adapting to new challenges.

An intens behavior modification directed trajectory:

A four hour deep dive with constructing the self image and detailed describing the changeable behavior. At the end: realistic goals and an action plan for every day.

Daily actions and reports to the coach. Daily feedback.

Weekly session of two hours. Election on learning successes. Exercise new behavior. New goals.

Trajectories of six weeks. Closing with a four hour session to reinforce the self directed ongoing learning.

You want to know more? You have a question? ...

The case of the manager on the way to self-destruction

A very successful sales director hopping each five years to another company is rescued in this habit by his boss who takes care and offeres him a coaching to change his aggressive behavior that breaks down all relations.

A description of the intervention trajectory ...

'Close combat' I-coaching

Off Line written coaching, I-coaching, makes coaching possible wherever you are and whenever you need. Direct feedback and guidance on your actions. Get the coaching expertise in your workplace.

Read more on I-coaching ...

Vision and articles

Qualities needed by tomorrow's managers

There is a buzz of disquiet throughout society about the quality of managers: what are their personal values? The concern extends to the pressures brought to bear on managers, leading them to look for quick returns instead of focusing on other kinds of gain.

The character of a single individual can exert a decisive impact

What is a manager's real job?

Microsoft eliminated the stack ranking system (2013) because unhealthy competition is detrimental to business results; the real job of a manager is to develop people so they perform best.

Ton Voogt and Huiyan Zhang reflect on this topic

The person of the leader

How can the person of the leader be well-equipped for his great responsibilities? He needs solid mental, psychological equipment, good for both him and the company. ‘Inspiration’ often comes up: a leader should inspire. A leader being nourished by his own values, thoughts, dreams, goals, people who are important to him.

What leadership do we need in the future?

Methods for Leadership Development

Investigating the Self

A personalized approach rooted in the personally psychology of the Dialogical Self and modeled using a standard format for 'SelfConfrontationMethod".

Stepwise you label the most important influences in your life. You express your feelings in a systematic way and measure the strength in numbers. After analyzing the data you are confronted with the structure in Self. You are guided to connect the evaluation of your present life to options for the future.

The standard time investment is four hours in one go. In a contracting meeting the guide and the participant test if the question best can approached by this method.

Your guide is Ton Voogt. Languages: English and Dutch

Interested? Send an email ...
The Dialogical Self approach in management and Leadership Development
A review of the development of this application.

Managers coach their employees.

Coaching is not a special tool for a specific situation. It is in the daily practice of a manager.

A vision on coaching by leaders.
Our model for coaching by managers in one glance

Applications, workshops

Strengthening woman leadership

Woman in Leadership connect to their personal values and models. They relate to the expectations and responsibilities from the organization. They find more impact full ways to realize their goals.

A one day journey ...

Masterclass Inspirational Leadership

The challenge for every manager is to stay firmly well-connected with one's own basic motives, and from there to inspire people to commit to long-term cooperation. A four day course with intense personal coaching.

The brochure of this course.
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