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Cooperation is an area Ton Voogt studied for thirty years. He shares his knowledge in the book COWORKING. He applicate in lectures, introduction workshops, days of training, in organisation, development projects and in individual coaching. Partners in The Inspire Group develop new applications as Erica Gasseling does in the Netherlands.

Cooperation in between self-orientation and connecting to others. ...

Investigate the cooperation readiness in your oganisation.

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Vision and methods

Cooperation, collaboration, coworking is the main factor for success of every organization.

Cooperation and the conditions that promote a choice for cooperation are surprisingly absent in Management theories, assessments tools and in Management courses. All nine conditions for cooperation. A quick scan to test the cooperation readiness. Practical guidelines. An implementation scheme.

The nine conditions
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Focussed COWORKING Intervention

Intensely directed at removing negative effects of breakdowns in cooperation and making changes in the nine conditions for cooperation so they promote cooperation

Read the design for this intervention ...

Applications and projects: the newest on top.

9 Conditions for Enhancing the Effectiveness of Cross-functional Projects

  • The 9 conditions of the CoWorking framework were applied to help a team of marketing professionals with 3 cross functional projects they were about to initiate. We describe the flow of the workshop and the participants’ learning.

CoWorking Workshop ...

What company culture to choose?

  • Integrating two companies that have their own success history is not an easy thing to do. Can it be done by pushing the culture of the dominant one? Or is it possible to avoid the culture issue?

A recipe in seven steps

Working in the design of a matrix organization. What problems? Solutions!

  • A note written for an organization that changed their structure into a matrix. But all still have two bosses. Is more communication a solution that will work?

Cooperation in a matrix organisation ...

A guided Organization Transition

  • The organization structure changes. In the past the legal structure managers dominated all business decisions. Now the productions and sales units dominate and their managers decide on responsibilities, targets, lines of command and report. People's influences change dramatically. The Director wants a smooth guided transitions involving all managers and supporting staff.

A full description of this project ...

Improve cooperation between relative independent units

  • Service units in a hospital service the patients units very weel. Although the have many common challenges the hardly share their expertise.

A detailed description of a one day conference

Effective Cooperation in Organizations

  • Effective Cooperation in Organizations To stay competitive in a highly dynamic business environment, organizations today are shifting towards a flexible structure of organizing. The traditional command and control is giving way to an open, flexible, and collaborative culture. A two day workshop. Text in English and Chinese.

Cooperation skills are the key drivers for success

How to measure nine conditions for cooperation in my organization?

  • A framework of all nine conditions that matters in cooperation and tools to measure the conditions. All departments of a company use it. Specific interventions are designed based on the needs for each department.

Script of a framework

A presentation to the Management Board

  • Wilson Zhang, Managing principal in KornFerry, Beijing, applied the Quickscan for Cooperation Readiness and presented the results to the Board. He pointed at the improvement areas and how to proceed. He presente this case at the opening conference of The Inspire Group in 2013. What did the board do with the results?

The slide presentation to the Management Board ...
To know more about Wilson Zhang

How to build cooperation between departments, units, persons who first at all take care of their own goals?

The slides of an introduction workshop on COWORKING ...

Cooperation Improvement

  • The founder of a successful marketing firm is aware that all basics for the company are on his shoulders. clients are tied to him; middle management is weak; no successor available.

A two day workshop to open up the communication
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