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Self Management

Self Constructing

Ton Voogt gave a lecture on developments of Self Constructing as an application of the Dialogical Self theory at the global conference on the Dialogical Self in August 2014.

Full text of this lecture

"Etre maitre de soi", Mister G. titled this pic.

Having a direction in life that leads actions is not a steady state. It fluctuates, not daily but sometimes one has to slow down and connect to what is important. Renew their commitments and enrich the Self with new visions, new perspectives, new goals. Self management is in the core of personal development, leadership development and building cooperation.

We developed several services: The self investigation and The Inner Space puzzle.

Both are application of the theory on the Dialogical Self and methods developed in this special area of psychology.

For more on the methodology of the Dialogical Self ...

Self Investigation

A four hour intensive guided journey in the Self

Sequence of actions

  • Gather the fifteen most important influences in ones life

  • Maesure the importance of each influence by giving emotional strengths

  • The structure in the Self is spelled out, investigated and evaluated.

  • Creating new values, positions, that open to new futures and maintain continuity

Guide: Ton Voogt

English and Dutch

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The Inner Space puzzle

This method can be applied with individuals and also with groups. We have practical experience with managers, coaches, people interested in knowing more about themselves. It can be embedded in leadership courses and in cooperation courses.

Sequence of actions

  • In a highly structured way collecting all that is of influence in ones life now. The influence is expressed in a verbal statement. All is written on separate cards.

  • Ordering all these influences in a big space. A flip over paper.

  • Add specific statements for deeper investigation.

  • The guide leads to create structure in all that is in the space of the self.

  • Reflection on the structure. Evaluating and judging for changes. What new values, positions can lead to further development?

Action plan

Guides: Ton Voogt (English and Dutch); Joanne Zhang (English and Chinese); Lily Chen (Chinese); Wufeng Tan (English and Chinese).

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