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The Inspire Group

  • Vision and mission:To be the catalyst for individual transformation and organizational change. Inspire self, inspire others

Connecting to one’s source of inspiration is at the heart of The Inspire Group’s philosophy. A Chinese poem says, “Why is the canal so limpid and clear? Only because the headstream is full of alive water”. Individual transformation starts with finding new connections with inner values, desires, dreams, and talents. The constant renewal of an organization also relies on inspiring people from the inside. Our vision is of a world in which all is rooted in human values: humanity is at the core of what we do. Abiding by our core values and beliefs, we aspire to be an inspiring force for individual transformation and organizational change.


张慧妍(北京) (博士,培训师,教练)

Dr. Zhang, trainer and coach,is an ardent proponent and practitioner of behavior-change-based learning. Ten years’ teaching at American universities, many years’ co-working with senior trainers and consultants from Europe together with her witty and humorous nature have combined to shape her unique training and coaching style.

谭务凤(北京) (博士,培训师, 教练)

Dr. Tan, trainer and coach, has studied and later taught at both Chinese and American universities. She is also the co-founder of a private college in Beijing. Her exposure to different cultures and experiences from both the academia and business world have shaped her training and coaching styles.

陈兰琳(上海) (培训师,教练,心理咨询师)

Ms. Chen, trainer and counselor, is experienced in organization development and training management. Equipped with years’ working experience in multinationals and solid training in psychology and counseling, Ms. Chen puts her insight and sensitivity to best use by helping the participants to improve their communication skills and organizations to improve teamwork and performances.

Ton Voogt 傅德同(荷兰) (心理学家,培训师,教练,组织发展专家)

Ton Voogt, author of “Co-working”, is an experienced psychologist and a pioneer in applying modern psychology to organizational and talent development. For more than twenty years, Mr.Voogt has been dedicating himself to the training of behavior-change trainers globally. Besides his passion for training, Mr.Voogt is also marked by his entrepreneurship.

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