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Frans van Gunsteren

Frans' contribution and motivation

Sharing my working and life experiences might bring

  • the key role of HR in success of large projects

  • experience with HR management in Shell

  • how to make choices in early days in career after graduation

  • how to use driving force of problems for solutions and even improvements

  • how to self manage one's personal and professional development

  • how stakeholders are identified,including invisible ones, and how early involvement in associations and chamber sof commerce can help to manage them well later

  • how volunteerwork with handicapped or other manner can provide special skills in people management

  • how difficult sustainable development and corporate social responsibility is in practice

  • how new developments like Cloud Computing, Crowd Finance and Britcoins can help -how security in information can be managed effectively

More on the career of Frans van Gunsteren ...




63 sheets
  • Successful Project Delivery in China

Complexity in Mega projects

Frans van Gunsteren.

Director of Shell Nanhai Project 2001-2006

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