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Digging in a Goldmine filled with Cooperation is an treasure-house for managers, leaders, coaches, trainers, entrepreneurs, for everyone in search for knowledge, experiences, advise, opinions on the topics cooperation, leadership and self management.

Books and articles; Quick scan on cooperation; Projects; Blogs

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TONline November 2016 ...


  • Effectiveness of Cross-functional Projects

In a recent workshop, the 9 conditions of the CoWorking framework were applied to help a team of marketing professionals with 3 cross functional projects they were about to initiate in the organization.

We describe the flow of the workshop and the participants’ learning. ...
  • Uniqueness and Repeating Patterns

It is not only scientists who have been searching for repeating patterns in everything, each person constantly makes their own patterns.

To know yourself, you build on discovering which patterns you use ...

Essays, presentations, projects

  • Performance Psychology and Technology to Increase Success at the Workplace

Presentation of dr. Choon-Neo Siow on Using Performance Psychology and Technology to Increase Success at the Workplace

To the presentation ...
  • Tools for trainers, consultants, coaches in the

Tool Box ...
  • 5 Tips to make sure Action Learning works for your team

Even Gong read a book on Action Learning and put it into practice. She shares her experiences with you and invites you to shares yours with her.

Experiences with Action Learning ...
  • Nine lessons for Entrepreneurs

Streetperformers attract the attention of random public, make them watch, enjoy and show their appreciation. Some transform into fans.

Lessons for entrepreneurs of products and services.

Let the Spark Ignite ...
  • Reflections while living in China

Frans van Gunsteren express his thoughts on anti-corruption; ID cards and procedures; friendships, being proud; income inequality; future; threats and Quality of life in Holland.

From October to February ...

We are good at

Creating conditions that promote cooperation

Ton Voogt founded and enriches this treasure-house. All contributions focus on promoting cooperation in organizations.

Cooperation makes the succes of an organization ...
A Quick scan on the readiness for cooperation in your organization? ...



"It is a scientific amusement park you can enter for a fee and find unexpected new experiences, ideas, and practices". dr. Wim van Beers

Kefei Zou: "The book is very practical and insightful. I like your storytelling and narrative style".

"A comprehensive management book on cooperation. Nine factors explained with vivid examples. A quick scan to test your organization. A handy scheme for implementations and eliciting cases". dr. Peter Zomer

Fill in the Quick scan. ...
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A guided organization transition

The dominance in the organization changed dramatically. Now sales and production orient directly on the market. The bureaucratic organization evaporates on paper. All must work in new responsibilities organized in new lines of command and support. The same managers create new ways to cooperate.

The transition meeting ...

Executive coaching, Leadership coaching

Clients asks us to spar on solutions. Prepare for a career move. Prevent hidden demotivation.

More on our unique approach ...

Why is the 'Free Sea' in the future an illusion?

Hugo de Groot's ideas favored the sea oriented countries. But now that the treasures under the sea are very precious may be we have to change the Law of the Sea?

Frans van Gunsteren reflects on this topic. ...


When to stop a business? What to do in the survival mood? Who creates a new perspective?

Examples and experiences ...

Continuity and Change

Corporate longevity is a successful condition to realize the revenues of huge investments, but for some at the stock market it is an uninteresting condition because it does not contribute to profit in the short term.

Read some penetrating thoughts on continuity and change by Ton Voogt. ...

A bit can be part of a signal, or the first sign of a spook

Entrepreneurs create future. The creation survives when it adds value to customers and society. Ton Voogt reflects on mistakes we can make and hints on actions to prevent these to happen.

From bit to signal or to spook ...

Manage Negative Emotions

What is the main the key to manage our violent actions based on negative emotions? Even Gong gives a very practical suggestion. Easy to do?

Good and Bad news ...
More blogs by Even Gong ...

Recognize disintegration?

Weak signals of disintegrating cooperation are easily misjudged and as a consequents one ignores or one overreacts.

Ton Voogt leads to weak signals in Cooperation ...

How to know the future?

'Why did I not see it coming?' A common question we have after being confronted with a sudden event. The more near by the event, the more we worry. We have a sensor to detect what is hardly noticeable. But the sensor is 'a vague feeling', not very straight forward. Ton Voogt on how to use this sensor

for sensing the future? ...

The Inspire Group: partnership in China

Joanne Zhang, Ton Voogt, Lily Chen and Wufeng Tan are partners in Training and Consulting in China.

We inspired each other and clients we serve. The portfolio focusses on Self Management; Inspirational Leadership en Cooperation in organizations.

Our vision in three words: Cooperate, Commit and Connect.

People life and work best when they are connected to their own sources of inspiration and commit to others and their inspiration to cooperate for mutual benefits.

More on the partnership. In Mandarin ...


Jan Cees van Westering


Improve cooperation between relative independent units

In a hospital units like laboratory, first aid, medication, serve the patient care units very good. They face common challenges, but they do not learn from each other.

A one day intervention facilitated by Erica Gasseling and Ton Voogt

An e-learning innovation in a global transportation company

Description of a innovative project in a large global transportation company. How i-leaning is used in self exploring, discovery and feedback loops that includes positive feedback. A project of Choon-Neo Siow

Re-evaluating financial resources enforce new thinking. A project of Choon-Neo Siow ...


Top-Down Management? Yes and No.

The top management of a company with a top-down mainstream of goals and plans, and with no interest in considering bottom-up information, isolates itself in a cloud of wishful thinking. Why does this happen? Why is it so resistant to change? What can be done to make a change?

Ton Voogt proposes a solution ...

Inclusive Talent Development

Is your company’s talent pipeline well supplied with the 10% TopTalents? Every organization would be better prepared to handle challenges if Human Resources focuses on raising everyone’s performance by 1%.

About Assessment and Talent Development ...

I do my job, you do your job

Two examples and five solutions. What can a manager do to develop the decision making power in his organization?

Cooperation by mutual adjustment ...

State of art of e-teaching

What is the 'state of art' of e-training? Choon-Neo Siow and Ton Voogt participated in the ATD conference on learning Technology, in Las Vegas in January 2015. The application of e technology effect the learning of 20% of all companies.

The methods are more fun and many innovations. But where is learning?

ATD Conference TechKnowledge 2015 ...
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