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Quick scan on Cooperation readiness

Filling in the quick scan on Cooperation readiness gives immediate evaluation on the conditions that promote cooperation. The individual version is free of charge. The Group Scan, for use by organizations, is a paid service.

Quick scan filled in by one person

Ask for a quick scan. A service without charge.

  • Fill in your name and e mail address in: Reguest free quick scan. In the box in the left down corner of this page.

  • Mark the language you want to use

  • Press: subscribe

  • In your email box you get an unique code

  • Copy this code in 'accesscode'

  • Press on 'Sign in'

  • You press the button: 'start'

You see the 18 questions of the quick scan. You mark your answer and after completion you get feedback immediately.

A group using the Quick scan

Request to use the Quick scan by a group and have group results. This service is not for free.

This is how you make a request for a group quick scan ...
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