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Request group Quick scan

How is the readiness to cooperate in a specific group? Or between groups?

The quick scans are scored individually by participants. The person who made the request receives the average scores of the group, comments and suggestions.

A project for improvement start with sharing the individual scores.

We invite you to pay a fee in advance.

  • When less then 15 participants are invited for the scan: we charge 185 euro. You also get two links to download the book on COWORKING.

  • When you want up to 60 participants to participate, we charge 485 euro. You get 5 links to download COWORKING.

  • When you want over 60 participants or special additional services, get in touch with me.

I ask you to provide me some data. No one will get these data.

How to handle. Step by step

You are asked to give the following data

  • Your name, organization, email address

  • Name and email addresses of all you invite to participate in the quick scan

  • Name and address of the person I send the invoice.

  • Name and email address to send the link for the ibooks COWORKING

When we receive your payment

  • All participants get an unique code to enter the group quick scan. They fill in the scan and see their end score. Added is an evaluation and some suggestions.

  • You get an unique code you copy in: the access code. After 'sign in' you see the average scores of the group including the names of the persons who filled in the quick scan.

  • You read evaluations and suggestions on how to handle.

  • You get links to download some books COWORKING



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