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Innovative Learning: I Learning

Re-evaluating financial resources enforces new thinking

Clients Experience

For more then twenty years the global successful pick up and delivery service company expanded all over the world, including Asia. Servicing all clients spread over a diverse maze is only possible by perfect execution of working procedures and high level of client orientation.

Three factors influence client satisfaction: giving correct information, courtesy and connecting with a client from the inside. The third factor makes all the difference, as Dr. Choon-Neo Siow demonstrated at the global conference of the Organisation Development Network in 2013 in San Jose. Her project to improve general client satisfaction with an emphasis on connecting in depth by the service people with the clients affected the actions of the call centres in Korea so they were honoured with the highest ranking by the governmental Korean client Service Centre.

Standardisation is effective when it grows fast

The rapid growth of the company stresses the hiring and educating of new personnel. Client contacts in particular are crucial for success, both the pick-up and delivery couriers, and those who manage the telephone services. The traditional off-site classroom trainings became rigid, and were not able to incorporate all local specifications. The limited amount of highly specialised trainers obstructed the inflow of new hires. The centralised trainings were costly for travel and housing. In addition, the off-site trainings were filled with more and more details, so extended to many weeks.

The participants must be able to produce every detail in large handbooks at any given moment.

Sufficient signals are necessary to re-evaluate this way of training, together with its effectiveness, with the costs weighted to alternatives enabled by new technology.

New thinking on learning

Is on-site learning possible? Learning new knowledge, new attitudes, new actions directly in the application in an integrated way? Ideally. How to realise that the knowledge and working procedures are immediately available when necessary?

Is a more mature learning attitude and learning practice possible? Will the people who are eager to learn a new job receive tools so they can learn in a self guided way?

What support is needed for them? A workplace support, on-site support. A senior who masters the job coaching the new hire instead of a trainer instructing?

A business case

Most dreams and promises of e-learning lack the support of management because they are not rooted in the normal rules of business success. A business case is a tool to enable decisions according to the rules of good management. A good management case demonstrates calculating the advantages of new investments on long term lower costs, higher effectiveness of resources and new hirers reach their levels of productivity earlier and keep higher levels of productivity of every employee. The attention given by the workplace coaches to the new hires heightens their work satisfaction. A good thoroughly discussed management case aligned the boards to support the new innovation in learning.

Innovation in the job-mastering by new hires

A complete new package for learning. The self-directed and self-motivated new hire is the motivational power station that ‘wants’, is ‘eager’, is deeply motivated to create a new future for himself by being successful in the company. How to support this self-steering internally highly motivated person?

What does he need?

  • A guide

who reinforces his taking responsibility, corrects wrong actions. So the guide gives directions, makes proposals, asks questions, tests progress, is fun to use, simple, practical, such as a highly structured guided path on an ipad.

The suppliers, Apple for the Ipad and Quadmark for the I-learning module jump into the project. They see their innovative edge in it.

  • A structured path on-site

starting with observing and asking, then understanding and initial practice, to mastering all basic actions and basic knowledge is shown in an assessment at the end of one week.

  • An on-site coach

A senior observes the new hires in the first stage of learning, answers the new hire’s questions, corrects wrong actions, reinforces good solutions, and systematically assesses.

The workplace coach

Do the senior couriers master the concept of independent learning? The mindset and the skills for coaching? They are all trained in the old learning, so this is a special self-directed learning path for the workplace coaches

And the trainers, the psychologists?

One of the nice paradoxes of this project is that the developers of the project are all trained as traditional trainers; traditional in their testing and dependency on masters to achieve direction. They changed themselves step by step; first the new idea, then the concept of the new leaning path. The practical proof for them is in designing a workshop for the coaches. They must break out of their own old habits of mindset , feelings and action reflexes, while bouncing with their heads against the walls of their own habits. Fun, laughter and retries transform them into more effective masters.

Do the people in the organisation want this change?

The business case anchors all renewal investments in the business logistics. The second pillar for success is that everyone in the company takes ownership of the project. From the beginning Choon-Neo Siow involved more and more people in the project, from management to couriers. She asked: what has to be done to realise it? Who do you need to contribute to the success? The business case was a shared effort. In the development everyone contributed and commented. The implementation is now desired.


The roll out is planned. In June 2014, July, September….. and so on….Every step needs the utmost attention. The organisation is vibrating………..Australia, Malaise, China, Taiwan, Singapore.

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