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Focussed COWORKING Intervention

Intensely directed at

…..removing all negative effects of breakdowns in the cooperation between, departments; units; cross functional teams

….making changes in the nine conditions for cooperation so they promote cooperation

The Intervention

Together with the owner of ‘the problem’ we agree on the results and the trajectory.

After having separate investigations into the interpretations and facts with the directors involved, we share the analysis, the desired output and design the trajectory to get there.

All participants act, during a one day working conference, step by step according to a detailed actions plan.

1. Take responsibility for negative consequences of actions

2. Feed the consequences back to the each of the nine conditions

3. Design changes

4. Think forward on possible consequences

5. Select actions with favourable consequences

6. Plan actions for implementation. Monitor the daily working routine.

Coaching to remove obstacles using different media: face to face, skype, e-coaching

This intervention is based on the premisses

We create together conditions for our cooperation. Each of us has his own goals and responsibilities that can only be realised in collaborating with others.

What can go wrong once will go wrong again. We clean up the consequences.

When actions with negative consequences are repeated, we have to pay attention to the conditions that promote repetition

The best condition for sustainable implementation is created by involving everyone in mapping the problem, analysing the constituent conditions, rethinking optional changes, making a choice and putting everything into action.

An introduction on the nine conditions for COWORKING

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