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Get expertise on demand, personal and nearby

Tailor made

You now need specific expertise to improve your actions in life, at your workplace. Solutions you can applicate tomorrow. Reflection and action with immediate feedback.

What questions do I handle?

Questions on Performance. Manage restructuring; leading a merger; start a cultural change

Life questions: destination, sense making, career, choices

Behavioral changes: stress, not enough empathy, aggression

I combine life and work questions with a focus on the performance. "Stay productive, while handling enormous stress', 'too aggressive at work and as consequents...'.'too much walking on eggs and postponing decisions', 'all goals realized at forty and what now in the rest of life?"

Coaching by writing

  • You decide when to write

  • Frequency of contact varies depending on the needs

  • Small steps in work/life

  • Immediate feedback on the effects

  • Repetition to sustain success

  • Writing creates overview

  • Easy to reread

Sharing in a face-to-face meeting, chat, sms, Skype, phone, email can be part to the communication.

You want to inform on what fits you best? ...

A favorable solution for in case

  • live abroad, or travel a lot

  • need coaching now with immediate result

  • ....need intens and taylor made

  • must be in a safe IT environment.

  • need someone with experience as a CEO and expertise in behavioral interventions.


Our dialogues are on a platform that guarantees the highest levels of Security: Pluform. No one can read the conversation, no one knows of the conversation. Only you can read and reread.

More on the platform Pluform


Ton Voogt is a member of the Dutch Psychological Association. (NIP). He confirmed to the ethical code.

More on the NIP

Quality assurance

Anne Ribbens and Alexander Waringa developed an unique and validated methodology for ecoaching. The NIP accredited the training for psychologists. Ton Voogt is registered as an E coach.

The book on Ecoaching
To the Ecoach register

The format for I-Coaching

Agree at the start on 8 to 12 weeks. Well defined results. Intens. At least two dialogues every week, sometimes more.

Up front agreements on money and use of other communication channels

You want to discuss if this is a solution for you? ...

On the method for change in written dialogues

On this site more on the methodology
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