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Tool Box Cooperation

We developed based on the latest knowledge on cooperation as published in the book COWORKING many tools to elect learning activities.

Read the summary of COWORKING
  • Quick scan for Cooperation Readiness

All begins with awareness of what is going on in your organisation. In a Quick Scan you measure if nine conditions in your organization favor cooperation. Your scores are evaluated, explained and you get suggestions for actions. For individuals and for groups.

The Quick Scan ...
  • Focussed COWORKING Intervention

A four day intervention program to stop further breaking down of cooperation and reestablish a solid base. Intens, on site.

The COWORKING Intervention ...
  • A script for a two day Organization Transition

All head of departments in a two day conference after complete restructuring from a legal based structure to a market oriented structure. All relations and responsibilities change.

New alignments, new responsibilities and new relations ...
  • Cooperation in a matrix organisation

A lot of confusion arises in people after when the professional competence organization integrates with the production organizations.

A script for a training intervention ...
  • Signalling disintegrating Cooperation

A tool to measure weak signals of change. Suggestions for interventions

Weak signals on Cooperation ...
  • How to make a winning team?

Some simple rules to get from not connected individuals to a team

My goal in line with your goal? ...
  • An overall Framework for Cooperation

The director of a global company asked for a general framework on Cooperation top use as a point of reference for all departments. It includes many instruments to measure the effectiveness of the Cooperation. The model is implemented in Novartis China.

Framework to measure Cooperation
  • Improve cooperation between independent units. A one day conference.

A detailed script for a conference to improve the cooperation between functional independent units in a hospital.

Design of the conference
  • Improve mutual adjustment

First actions to make cooperation more effective and efficient is by writing and training in standardized scripts or protocols. On top of that many unique changes ask for mutual adjustment.

Cooperation by mutual adjustment
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