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Tool Box Self Management

We developed unique tools for Self Management. Scientifically rooted in the theory of the Dialogical Self and research done in the school of the Constructive Psychology. We cooperate with Hubert Hermans, Agnieszka Konopka, Erica Gasseling and Peter Zomer.

On the Dialogical Self approach ...
  • Script of a POSITIONING THEATRE play

This play is performed at the Global Dialogical Self conference in Athens, 2010

The script of the play
  • A tool for Self Construction, Self Composition.

The detailed script for a two hour workshop for trainers to get the basic notions and experience the method on Self Composition.

A journey to the future and return
  • Integrating others in the Self

Script with slides of a workshop on the ODN conference in San Jose 2013. Topic: improving cooperation by including others in the composition of the Self.

Including others
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