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Inspiring people

Joanne Zhang, Lily Chen, Wufeng Tan, Ton Voogt

After university education in China and PhD's in America they decided to serve their best to Chinese people in China. They partner with Ton Voogt in The Inspire Group. Their focus is sustainable behavioral change.

The Inspire Group

Hubert Hermans

The international-renowned psychologist and scientist Hubert Hermans first put forward the revolutionary theory of the Dialogical Self at the beginning of 1990. An ever-widening group of various scientists research, collaborate and publish this information every two years

His performances

Joanne Zhang

Zang Huiyan starts in 2008 as a consultant/trainer in China/Beijing after an outstanding academic career in the USA. She did her PhD and was for years Professor at Temple University. Her professional qualified interventions in a challenging and charming style invites managers to reflect and connect to deeper sources in their personalities and change their habits. Regular blogs of her are on this site.

blog Zhang Huiyan ...
Biography of Joanne Zhang

Choon-Neo Siow

She has a outstanding career in HR. She partners with Ton Voogt on life and career topics. And we develop visions and practices on new e-learning in organizations. We share the OD approach. She presented the project "Vitalizing person-to person contact in customer-serving relationship" on the OD conference 2013, and on the opening of the Inspire Group in Shanghai.

All her knowledge, experience and proven performances are in the Presentation: Performance Psychology and Technology to Increase Success at the Workplace. She presented in 2016 at the global HR conference in Singapore.

The slides of this presentation ...

Erica Gasseling

Psychologist with a deep knowledge of the way Health Care operates. Supported many professionals in Health Care with assessments, career counseling. Together with Ton Voogt she execute a training "Inspiring Management"

Erica's website:

Robert Volmer. A view on space.

Robert Volmer uses powerful lines and areas to structure the compositions in his drawings. The colour combination is not yet relevant at that stage, only the shapes and the contrast are important. He shifts and associates until all elements are balanced and the picture tells him a story. A story read differently by any observer. Robert can be contacted by email:

Paintings of Robert on this website ...

Frans van Gunsteren

Based on his success as the project manager of the first oil refinery of Shell in China he consults other firms like the Chinese Wison. His vision on China in: China needs for smaller Northern European friends.

An extended and detailed reference to Frans ...
His blogs and articles on this website ...
His book: China's need for small northern European friends

Wim van Beers

Wim van Beers (1947) psychologist and organisation consultant, mediator and coach. A friend for life. He contributes now also in the development of Compositioning coaching

His meeting place

Renee Wolters

A lively sensible open artist who in her paintings and drawings show people inside out.

A drawing of her marks all about leadership.

Her drawings and painting

Agnieszka Konopka

She stimulates personal development and growth in emotional authenticity. Her references are "The Dialogical Self" theory and artistic and unexpected interactions. From 2013 on she developed the Self Compositioning method. Using stones as metaphors in the open space of the Japanese sand garden to help someone compose the deeper levels of felt self.

Her stage

Inspiring wells of knowledge and understanding

Maria Popova sends a weekly newsletter 'Brain Pickings' including descriptions of amazing fascinating books. All is also on her website. A source of inspiring thoughts, drawings and pictures.

To the site Brain Pickings

John Brockman is the founding father of the Edge. Edge is a living document on the Web that displays "the third culture" in action. The "content" of Edge is the group of people who connect in this way. Edge is a conversation.

To the site of the Edge

Inspiring Organisations

Organisation I actively participate. I give lectures and workshops, and coaching.

a special page with links to these organizations ...
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