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Innovating Organisations


Innovation in cooperation, coworking, make technical innovations work.

People construct in dialogue with each other organizations. Organisations exist in the practice of all participants.

Using Performance Psychology and Technology to Increase Success at the Workplace

Dr. Choon-Neo Siow

There was always this question lingering in my mind: why can’t employees perform sooner rather than later upon hiring? Why must training take 10 days instead of 2? Can learning and performance be one?

Having ceased the opportunity to prove this can be done I reflected on the ingredients necessary to make it happen and presented it in the 2016 Global Recruiter Asia Pacific Summit with my media technology partner, Mr LiLun Lee from Helios Media Design. We tackled the topic from the standpoint of two nagging issues:

  • how must organisations adjust to the millennials and their technological mind;

  • how can HR contribute quantitatively to the organisation’s bottom line.

Implementing such a learning redesign project goes beyond the discipline of just the L&D group; it encompasses the engagement of the IT group, openness of the user groups, and support of top management. All this requires precise communication, explanations of project viability every step of the way, relentless effort in co-working with various parties, and faith in the vision.

Ultimately, any successful change project consists of the ability to systematize structure by paying close attention to critical details and never taking anything or anyone for granted.

Enjoy the presentation and feedback is always welcomed.

To the presentation ...

Organisation Development: the classical and the cooperative solution

People are naturally motivated to give their talents. Have a natural tendency to cooperate to a shared goal that also benefits them. The classical approach: directors have problem, consultants offers solutions, directors implement and enrich mankind with beautiful architecture and design. But when the practical ownership is not in all, the beauty fades away while no one practices any more.

How can the Organisation Development approach support CEO's?

Questions we tackle

How to get all in and outside a company connected to shared goals, unique contributions according to shared methods of working? All positions and structure changed. How to align all?

Innovation needed. Of products, services. In what direction? How?

Innovations in Cooperation

Task Differentiation? Of course. But how to make them cooperate?

In an industrialized small fruit farm in Indonesia several problem are not tackled in an effective way. An analysis and suggestions for improvement.

Standardisation and taking initiatives

Cooperation between relative independent units.

The supporting service units in a hospital cowork when the patient is in focus. How to get them to share knowledge?

A detailed description of a project

How really connect to each other in cooperation?

One of the central issues in building and changing organizations is how to anchor in all nucleuses, persons, in a network/organization the goals, rules and commitments that are agreed on in the verbal statements. This anchoring inside makes the person steer his behavior independent to the shared and included values and goals.

The workshop of Ton Voogt at the ODN conference 2013

Innovative Learning: I learning

Training or learning? Or training and learning?

The 'state of the art' of e-training. Impressive progress in technology and market penetration. 20% of the big companies transferred training from classroom activities into online courses. eTraining gets funny, but there is still a gap to learning. Choon-Neo and Ton Voogt participated at the ATD conference on Techknowledge. Read their observations and evaluations.

ATD conference Techknowledge 2015 ...

An e-learning innovation in a global transportation company

Description of a innovative project in a large global transportation company. How i-leaning is used in self exploring, discovery and feedback loops that includes positive feedback. A project of Choon-Neo Siow

Re-evaluating financial recourses enforces new thinking ...

Global Organisation Development Network

Development of people in a business environment is our strength. The way people handle each other connected to the business results. People make business results. People must combine the business goals with the human values. People create business results when handle each other with both the human and the business perspective. We serve all management, HR functions and people working in organisations.

The cooperation in an organisation makes the difference between success and failure. Managers create conditions for cooperation.

People make business results. They combine the goals of the business with their personal values.......
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