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Seven rules to prepare for change

How to handle a specific change depends on what the goal of the change is, and what the change may be.

Many methods for handling change are in practice. A search on Google for Organisational Change results in 2.480.000 entries.

Learning a method or methods is practical when that method fits most situations. There is no method that fits all situations. It is better to prepare for any change.

What is important in preparing for any change? Seven Rules


A normal question in cooperation is: To whom should I go when I see a mistake or an undesired effect?

But when something goes wrong and everyone is looking away, or walking away saying; ‘this is not my problem’, this problem exists longer then necessary.

Always the tension between taking care of my own responsibilities and serving others.

Improve cooperation between relative independent units

In a hospitaal the director says that the cooperation between the service units and the units that serve the patients is perfect.

But the service units do not share knowledge, experience and solutions with each other, although they have many challenges in common and will have to cooperate more as resources will be restricted.

A detailed description of a one day conference

In-company training of educators in the use of soft skill training

Trainers who lecture on content and methodology are satisfied when they present the knowledge and applications in the proper way. Participants are satisfied when they can remember most of what is presented.

They know more is needed to develop new habits and say good bye to old ones.

Design of a training in group process and habit handling

Cooperation improvement

The founder of a successful marketing firm is aware that all basics for the company are on his shoulders. clients are tied to him; middle management is weak; no successor available.

A two day workshop to open up all internal communications


Schumpeter stated that business success is the yard stick for innovation.

The key to success is in the ability to really imagining an added value. In a training people enhance their sensitivity.

Design of a training: White space ideation
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