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Global-Local Organisation Development: an intercultural practice

Global-Local Cooperation

Hard ware

Global companies constantly calculate where in the world they can best produce their goods of components. Cheap and according to their standards of quality. The hardware conditions; technical specifications; money disposable; buy in and sales are challenges that can be calculated and managed.

Soft Ware

The personal behaviour, languages differences, differences in habits in perception, interpretation, communication, social contact, leadership, loyalties, values are mode difficult to handle.


Several actions at the same time directed to influence these "Cultural Factors".

  • Selecting experienced people with proven records of success in different cultural environments.

  • Put the best and experienced people from the mother company in the home support of a project.

  • Intensive in-company training of Management and Specialists (for instance project management).

  • Intensive training of in-company trainers.

  • In-sourcing trainers of a training provider who invests in soft skill training.

  • Investing in the leveling of an independent training provider. The provider invests in the training of his trainers. The client invests by providing projects.


Training of Trainers

Hard ware and strategy, structure and systems are not enough for effective training

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Leadership Development in Europe

At global level developed Leadership targets needs ownership on local level.

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Holland Global - China Local

Global designs for topmanagement transferred into local standards

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