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Dialogical Self Approach

The concept of the "Dialogical Self' is the newest development in the scientific thinking on "personality". The preceding theories on the dynamics in the unconscious of Freud and Jung were followed big the "Trait" theories that lead to the "Big Five" test. In the constructive psychology the focus is on uniqueness of every person. Knowing this all Hubert Hermans introduced the notion that the "I" is multiple. A "me" is a space filled with "I positions". The "Self" develops in direct communication with others. It is a "Dialogical Self".

More on latest developments on the site of Hubert Hermans

Agnieszka Konopka contributes by more profoundly investigating the dynamics of emotions. She develops methodologies that interweave artistic ideas to the development of the compositioning method.


New applications on the Dialogical Self are presented in a booklet. To get access to the booklet......

Booklet: Dialogical Self Approach

June 26 2015 in London. One day conference on Self compositioning coaching: a method for Leadership Development.

Organized by the Britisch Psychological Society.

Facilitated by Ton Voogt

A coaching method rooted in the Dialogical Self approach. The workshop covers theory of self construction; an overview of research; guides the participants in a practice and discusses applications to leadership development, cooperation and life orientation.


  • Composition of the Self

Agnieszka Konopka practice the methodology of the compositioning method in her private practice for 'life coaching', 'life counseling' in The Hague, The Netherlands.

Visit the website of Agnieszka Konopka
  • Self constructing: coaching in Leadership

A four hour exercise for Self development. constructing and composing a Self. Confrontation with the structure in the Self and guidance in the interpretation.

  • Gather the fifteen most important influences in ones life

  • Maesure the importance of each influence by giving emotional strengths

  • The structure in the Self is spelled out, investigated and evaluated

  • Creating new values, positions, that open to new futures and maintain continuity

For more details on this taylor made approach, get in touch ...
Lecture at the global conference for the Dialogical Self 2014
  • The inner space puzzle

An intuitive ordering of all that is important in you in the space of yourself. A deep dive for renewal.

The inner space puzzle ...
  • Futuring.

Futuring is a method in Self Development. Having a dialogue between possible future outcomes and where you are now strongly influences the perspective of the present life.

Script of the workshop on the Dialogical Self conference 2014

We met at the conference for the Dialogical Self in August 2014

  • Positioning Theatre

All I positioned are in dialogue in a big space. The present dialogue is a start. In interactions new options for the Me are explored.

a workshop ...
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