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Workshops, Projects, Lectures

  • Braga, Portugal. June 13 -16 2018. 10th International conference of the Dialogical Self

Workshop: Promoting Cooperative actions in constructing a Dialogical Self

The conference site
  • Singapore Management University, November 13-17 2017

Co-facilitating with Choon-Neo Siow the course TalentManagement

  • Singapore ManagementUniversity, May 22-24 2017

Co-facilitating with Choon-Neo Siow the course TalentManagement

  • Utrecht, September 2016 till February 2017

participating in the course Governance Essentials of the NCD.

  • Utrecht December 16, 2016 and at March 10 2017

Workshop on Self constructing in executive coaching. NIP

  • Singapore Management University, November 14-16 2016

Co-facilitating with Choon-Neo Siow the course TalentManagement

  • Lublin, Poland, 7-10 september 2016 ,

Ninth conference on the Dialogical Self

  • Kuala Lumpur/Singapore, January 6 till 19 2016

Training for Trainers in guiding I learning for Customer Service department

  • The Hague, 18th European Corporate Governance Conference, May 25 2016

The program of the conference
  • Portland, Oregon, USA, October 17-20 2015

Annual Conference of OD Network and IODA

  • London, June 26 2015

Workshop Self Compositioning Coaching in the professional development contribution of the British Psychological Society, by Ton Voogt

Write to take part in the workshop ...
Description of the workshop
The complete Professional Development Directory 2015 of the British Psychological Society. The workshop is on page 45.
  • Shanghai May 18 -28 2015

Workshop for Coaching in leadership. Clients conference with The Inspire Group.

  • Beijing March 23-30 2015

Executive coaching. Leadership training.

March 26 one day workshop for coaches

Self-compositioning coaching: A method for leadership development ...
  • Guangzhou and Zhuhai

Executive coaching sessions at February 6 and 9 2015

Our concept of executive coaching ...
  • Las Vegas, NV, USA

In search for the 'state of the art' on Learning technology applied. At the ATD Techknowledge, January 14-16 2015

Read what we learned when visiting the conference ...
  • Beijing/Shanghai

December 8 till 18, 2014. December 9 and 10 open program on Coworking in Beijing. December 18 client conference in Shanghai. The Inspire Group

Invitation letter to the workshop on Coworking: december 9 and 10
Letter of invitation in Mandarin
  • Philadelphia

October 24 till 28, 2014. Conference of the ODN

  • Beijing/Shanghai

October 5 till 15 2014. Two day open workshop on cooperation. GroupCoaching.

  • Oosterbeek

Masterclass Inspiring Leadership. October 3, 24, 31 and November 14 2014. In cooperation with Erica Gasseling

  • The Hague, The Netherlands

Workshop: Experiences with and reflection on the use of futuring I positions on the Conference on the Dialogical Self. Contribution to the symposium on the composition work: past, present and future in the compositions. August 19-22 2014

The Eighth International Conference on the Dialogical Self
  • Singapore

August 10 till 16. Conference on Facilitation Skills for trainers, consultants.

  • Shanghai/Beijing

June 21 till 27 2014. Two days conference on Change in ABB. Lecture on saloon of the Inspire Group together with the Hongkong University. Workshop on Organization Development for Lenovo

  • Soesterberg, The Netherlands

June 20 2014. Yearly conference of the Dutch chapter of the IAF. Presenting a workshop on 'the King and a Fool in me'.

More on the conference of the IAF
  • Jakarta

June 5 till 10. Consulting a Dutch small-fruit farm. Lecture for members of the Indonesian Netherlands Association.

  • Singapore

April 1 till 9 2014. Leading a conference to develop new training that includes training, e-learning and workplace coaching.

  • Oosterbeek, The Netherlands

Masterclass Inspiring Management. March 21, April 4 and 25, May 9.

  • Shanghai

March 11 and 12, 2014. Open Workshop CoWorking.

Invitation to the workshop ...
More on the website of The Inspire Group
  • Lake Mary, Florida

Januari 21 2014, Workshop Inspiring Leadership for ABB

  • Beijing/Shanghai

2013. November 13: opening conference The Inspire Group. November 14: workshop on coaching and leadership November 16: Seminar on Inspiring Leadership November 19: lecture on coaching of the Self

Invitation November 13 2013
  • San Jose, California, USA

October 2 till 10, 2013. ODN conference.

Workshop: Including other nucleus of the network in the construction of the self.

Ton Voogt's workshop on the conference
  • Oosterbeek

Masterclass on Inspiring Management. Together with Erica Gasseling. Four days in fall 2013. (in Dutch)

Inspirerend Management
  • Beijing/Shanghai

September 14 till 21. 2013.

  • Singapore

September 9 till 13 Training Trainers in group dynamics and the use of psychodrama. September 14: Seminar on the person of the consultant. Seminar on Cooperation

  • Landgoed de Horst, Driebergen.

June 19 2013. Together with the Baak and Parthenon a symposium on Cooperation.

Presentation of the book COWORKING

Read the report on this symposium ...
  • Beijing/Shanghai

May 27 till June 9, 2013. Open workshops on cooperation and Leadership. In company projects. Client meetings.

The slides for the workshop on coworking ...
  • The Hague

March 14, 2013 Workshop Inspiring Leadership on the conference of the society of 'Women in Energy'

Workshop Inspiring Leadership at conference on Leading Change
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