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Strengthening Woman Leadership

A one day intense training.

The form of the training will be highly pre-structured. The trainer will guide the development process. The participants will enrich themselves by connecting to their internal resources. Sharing with other participants is an outside source of inspiration.

Three main activities for the participants: Composing an enriched image of “a powerful me as a woman in Leadership” Reflecting on their compositions of themselves Acting in new situations with new behaviour

Woman in Leadership connect to their personal values and models. They relate to the expectations and responsibilities from the organization. They find more impact full ways to realize their goals.

This “Journey from the Inside to the Outside” in sixteen steps.

  • Short lecture and demonstration on the concept: The multiple Space of the Self. The Self is developed in dialogue with others.

  • Example of a woman in search for strengthening her internal power. Demonstrating the Space of the Self of this woman.

  • Sharing the first impressions.

  • Build their own Space of the Self. Explaining actions to come.

  • Composing the image of “Me as woman in Leadership”

  • Fully development of the Space of the Self with other important I positions

  • Connect the future position “I as a woman in Leadership in five years” to yourself now. Create a dialogue between the future position and the present.

  • What influences has the voice of “the future woman in leadership”?

  • Reflection on the composition of the present. What changes do you want to develop now and in the near future?

  • Exploring change in dramatic exercises build on real life situations. Action.

  • Explanation of the development of a “promotor position”

  • Applications to “meetings with men in the working environment” .

  • Reflection on this composition of the Self .

  • Actions with dramatic role-play on intended changes.

  • Prepare for transfer of all the experiences of to day. Write a letter; a column; give a speech; have a private talk.

  • Dialogical Self Theory. Positioning and counter positioning in a globalising Society. Hubert Hermans and Agnieszka Konopka (2010)


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The Dialogical Self. Meaning as movement. Hubert Hermans and Harry Kempen, (1993)

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Dialogical Self Theory. Positioning and counter positioning in a globalising Society. Hubert Hermans and Agnieszka Konopka (2010)

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