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Cooperation is the main factor for success of every organization.


Cooperation and the conditions that promote a choice for cooperation are surprisingly absent in Management theories, assessments tools and in Management courses. In the book COWORKING all nine conditions for cooperation. A quick scan to test the cooperation readiness. Practical guidelines. An implementation scheme.

"Ton Voogt's book is a must-read for everybody who is engaged in close collaboration with other people, that is, in practice, each and every individual. In order to be recognized by important figures in one’s working environment, one should be able to share his or her occupational expertise in solid cooperation with other stakeholders". Prof. Dr. Beatrice I.J.M. van der Heijden. Institute for Management Research, Radboud University Nijmegen.

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The theoretical basics in ten pages.

Ton Voogt

"There is a buzz of disquiet throughout society about the quality of managers: what are their personal values? The concern extends to the pressures brought to bear on managers, leading them to look for quick returns instead of focusing on other kinds of gain", in an essay on the character of an individual.

"How can the person of the leader be well-equipped for his great responsibilities? He needs solid mental, psychological equipment, good for both him and the company. ‘Inspiration’ often comes up: a leader should inspire. A leader being nourished by his own values, thoughts, dreams, goals, people who are important to him", in an essay "what leadership do we need in the future?"

The character of an individual can exert a decisive impact
What leadership do we need in the future?

The Inspire Group

Wufeng Tan, Lily Chen, Ton Voogt and Joanne Zhang partner in The Inspire Group. The catalyst for individual transformation and organizational change. Inspire your self, inspire others.

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Joanne Zhang

writes: " Coming up to expectations kills your uniqueness. Stay in touch with the inner source of power, that enables you to influence others." in "Leading from inside out".

"Competition or collaboration is a key issue that is constantly in the mind of the business executives, pulling them to opposite ends and practices. In a hyper-competitive workplace employees have no incentive to share ideas", Joanne Zhang writes in "What is a manager's real job".

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Blog's of Even Gong and Frans van Gunsteren

Even Gong

"I think I did a good job as a manager in my first year especially in building good relationship with my team members. Listen to their concerns and help them find ways to solve problems…however..........."

Frans van Gunsteren

"Power distance and inequality are two key factors for stability in countries. A future challenge". In a blog Frans explores developments in China.

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Self management: be connected to your core values

Having a direction in life that leads actions is not a steady state. It fluctuates, not daily but sometimes one has to slow down and connect to what is important. Renew commitments and enrich the Self with new visions, new perspectives, new goals. Self management is in the core of personal development, leadership development and building cooperation.

Self Investigation: a four hour intensive, guided journey in your self, leading to new insights and actions.

The Inner Space puzzle: a group guided tour to compose yourself, evaluate and prepare changes.

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