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Need to know on Leadership, Self-Management and Cooperation

'Cooperation can get started even in a world of unconditional defection' Robert Axelrod in: The Evolution of Cooperation (1984)


Ton Voogt’s book on Cooperation titled COWORKING in now in English.

Everyone can freely fill in the Quick scan on Cooperation Readiness. Get a clue on how the conditions for cooperation are in your organization.

Organizations use the Quick Scan to investigate the cooperation in their departments

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Ton Voogt. Managing change, going straight to the goal. Alone or with others?

Frans van Gunsteren’s life seen as fight for freedom. Accepting limitations and its consequents.

Huiyan Zhang reflects on the influence. Accepting differences in yourself and other people is the main obstacle

Even Gong realizes that managers behavior causes employees to leave their job

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All behavioral tricks and tools change like modes. They touch the eyes, but do not reach the mind and the heart. What are my drives? My values? I do not understand what motivates me? What to do? I realized all I dreamed of when I was 20.

Deep dives. Good structured guided tours to open up the deeper layers in your self. Transparent, with respect. You get in charge of yourself. Self Investigation. The Inner Space puzzle.

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Manager's responsibility is creating conditions so people can perform on a high level of productivity. How can the person of the leader be well-equipped for his great responsibilities?

He needs solid mental, psychological equipment, good for both him and the company. Firmly well-connected with one's own basic motives, and from there to inspire people to commit to long-term cooperation.

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