TONline July 2014

Need to know on Leadership, Self Management and Cooperation

'Any thinking based on a homogeneous society becomes increasingly obsolete as a result of the process of globalization' Hubert Hermans (2010)

Behavioural Change and Psychodrama ...

Organisations are Teams

New employees are selected on their individual outstanding competenties. They raised on the ladder by heavy competition. That is where they are good at: outperforming another player. But a group of the best individuals does not make a team. Some lessons out of the tournament for the football world cup.

Ton Voogt

How to make a winning team? ...

Look in the mirror

Collaboration improvement? People working in ABB, Lenovo, Daibu rested their frist impression on cooperation in their organization. They shared their impressions to improve the cooperation. The individual version is for free.

Quick scan on cooperation readiness ...
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