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  • Now I understand what is meant by 'being detached'– not being without emotion or feeling, but being one in whom feeling was not sticky or blocked. Bruce Lee

Innovation is in the focus of this newsletter. Innovating an organization culture. Innovating oneself. Innovations in learning. The Global Innovation Index. Innovation in coaching.

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A soft culture for Innovation

Joanne Zhang reports out of her work with technicians. She focus on creating a soft culture for innovation in which ‘walking the talk' by leaders is even more important then training creative thinking and communication skills. Building a culture of 'daring to speak' is what leaders do. Most important either is the autonomy innovators need.

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Nurturing the Human factor in Innovation

The level of education of a population is a basic condition. The opportunity for entrepreneurship is a driver. Successful innovators have high tolerance for differences, are self confident, are low risk avoiding. Skills like creativity, critical thinking, imagination, curiosity promote innovation. These skills are best learned in art and creativity explorations in the schooling system to balance the focus on skillful fact repetition. Successful entrepreneurs and team players both have a high performance profile on these skills but entrepreneurs dare to take more risk. A successful combination.

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Innovation in learning

20% of the companies train the company-specific knowledge and skills in online courses. Online monitoring the use of courses and the memory performance. Is it learning? Choon-Neo Siow develop a new design for training new hires to master the job of a courier.

How is the ‘State of Art' in the world of training? Choon-Neo Siow and Ton Voogt visit the ATD Techknowledge 2015 conference in Las Vegas. They observe many developments in e-training, but there is still a gap between training and learning.

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Getting things done limit development

Innovation is not a onetime action. Companies only survive by constant innovation. Can one apply this ‘ law’ also on us, humans? Even Gong reflects on her reactions to new understanding of her leadership. On the paradox: getting things done and limit development. She changes leading her team.

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Innovation in Coaching

'What makes a breakthrough out of habits?', a major question in all coaching. Promises, understandings all contribute, but none has the ‘shifting power’ experience has. New feelings, new perspectives. Ton Voogt develops the ‘travel into the future and back’ method for coaching. Transparent and powerful.

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