Newsletter May 2015

Need to know on cooperation

Where there is cooperation, there is also the danger of exploitation. Cooperation comes and goes. Martin Nowak (2012).

New services, new projects, new blogs of all who contribute to this platform.

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Self Constructing

June 26, 2015 in London.

A one day workshop

A coaching method rooted in the Dialogical Self approach. The workshop covers theory of self construction; an overview of research; guides the participants in a practice and discusses applications

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Stop Destruction. Prevent Disaster

The case of the manager who, while being successful, wreck all relations. People do not do as he orders. His 16 year old son give him a last warning.

A manager wants to prevent trouble after restructuring all positions. All participate in a transition conference. Step by step they align and practice their new relations.

The man on a way to self destruction ...
The guided Organization Transition ...


Contradictions in Connecting. Sensing the future?

Five short stories on amazing simple contradictions in Connecting. Reading these you will create your own stories.

"Why did we not see it coming?" A chain of small human mistakes create big disasters. Do we have another sensor tot detect what is hardly noticeable?

Ton Voogt's five stories ...
Why do we not notice? ...


Choon-Neo's friend invested in a start up restaurant Beirut in Houston. After one month a competitor starts nearby a Libanese restaurant. She observes the reactions and asks questions.

Beirut ...

Focussed COWORKING Intervention

Intensely directed at removing all negative effects of breakdowns in the cooperation between, departments; units; cross functional teams

Focus on making changes in the nine conditions for cooperation so they promote cooperation

The scheme for this intervention ...

Owners who cowork make a difference.

Does it make a difference when appartment owners cowork to get the maintenance company do their job? Yes. Frans van Gunsteren collect his experiences.

Coworking pays. ...


A solution for when meeting is difficult. Direct results are needed. Small steps and immediate feedback are required. High frequency of contact is possible. Writing creates overview. Rereading reinforces good solutions.

A solution for in case ...
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