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Need to know on Cooperation

'He is like you and me. A good one, helpful. Always listened to his parents. He did what everyone said he was supposed to do. He set of on his career. But then he begun to suspect that everyone was wrong'. In: Jonny Bunko of Daniel H. Pink.

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Our focus: Cooperation

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All contributions are linked to cooperation

Frans van Gunsteren and Ton Voogt reflect in a dialogue on tensions between obligations and freedom.

Even Gong and Ton Voogt reflect on Why is an intense group experience rare in normal work?

Huiyan Zhang and Ton Voogt developed a Taylor made framework to measure all nine conditions for cooperation.

Toolkit, a new category for consultants, trainers, coaches filled with tools on Cooperation.

Artist shed new lights on ordinary actions.

Ton Voogt shares his studies in essays: I do my job and From bit to signal or to spook.

At a small fruit farm on Java the application of new methods stucks.

An analysis of the blockades for effective cooperation.
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An intense teamwork experience? Rare!

Even Gong writes: I have a wonderful teamwork experience that makes me feel so satisfied and proud to be a team member and achieving a cheerful result. However, in daily work it’s so rare… This wonderful experience happened in a training program when we are requested to do something as a group and present later…. I wonder why such a beautiful experience happens rarely in daily work?

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Freedom and obligations

Frans finished reading the book of Bergson, Matter and Memory and writes. 'The key point is that everything is related to the body and balance between need to survive where all obligations come from and make ideals and free choices.That make people happy. That is why I am happy with work. It gives me purpose. I can chose and do'. Ton Voogt shares his observations and reflections.

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Robert Volmer

He inspires me by creating spacious worlds in which all objects and colors are weird and common.

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From bit to signal or to spook

Creating a pattern is an active act. We did not find the Einstein formula somewhere hidden under a stone. The created pattern leads to a conclusion: when you see this signal it activates a specific pattern of consequents. This is boring normal.

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We develop tools for Cooperation Improvement

One of these, the Quickscan on Cooperation Readiness is on the website. In Dutch, English and in Chinese. To use free of charge. Five minutes to fill in, ten minutes to read the results, days to implement the suggested improvements. Companies use it at the start of a Cooperation Improvement Program. We designed a framework all departments in a company use as an umbrella for all actions to improve cooperation. Toolkit is a new button. You press and find interventions we share with you, consultants, trainers, coaches.

A framework including nine conditions for cooperation and how to measure
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I do my job, you do your job

Directors take full responsibility for their own department. But discussions go on and solutions are suboptimal. All decisions are put at the desk of the General Manager. What solutions? Is a change needed? Where to start?

Ton Voogt describes the project

An expert nearby when...

you need? But when a schedule changes frequently, the distances are huge, other solutions are needed. That is why I specialize in coaching executives asynchrone in written dialogues and the use of Taylor made interventions at a secured internet platform.

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