Newsletter March 2016

Need to know on Cooperation

'Where dialogue is most needed, it does not take place’. Hubert Hermans

An essay on: 'How to open top-down management for bottom up feedback'. Another one on the change from the search for top talent to talent development for everybody. A new bog with reflections on continuity and change.

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Continuity and Change

Just as there are books and institutes on Change Management there are others on Business Continuity Management. Corporate longevity is a successful condition to realize the revenues of huge investments, but for some at the stock market it is an uninteresting condition because it does not contribute to profit in the short term. Many people have written on this topic. Read now some penetrating thoughts

on continuity and change by Ton Voogt. ...

Top-Down Management? Yes and No

The top management of a company with a top-down mainstream of goals and plans, and with no interest in considering bottom-up information, isolates itself in a cloud of wishful thinking. Why does this happen? Why is it so resistant to change? What can be done to make a change?

Ton Voogt proposes a solution. ...

Talent Management for Everybody

Is your company’s talent pipeline well supplied with the 10% TopTalents? Does every top manager have a successor in training? These old school questions have never paved the way to good answers. Every organization would be better prepared to handle challenges if Human Resources focuses on raising everyone’s performance by 1%.

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Coaching and I-Coaching

I-Coaching, a new application of coaching, is off line coaching in written dialogues between you and your coach with unique possibilities that accelerates learning. Expertise, feedback and reflection when you need it at the workplace.

Executive coaching. Leadership coaching ...
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