Newsletter May 2016

Need to know on Cooperation

‘Being connected with other members of a society is more important in socialization than reward and punishment'. Frans de Waal (2016)

In this newsletter links to new blogs and articles of Even Gong and Ton Voogt, or go direct to the

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Tool Box

We like to share all designs and detailed scripts for training and coaching we practised.

In the Tool Box are now 13 designs on Cooperation and two design for SelfManagement interventions.

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The threshold for sensing a cue as alarming differs in individuals. What director do you want in your company, one who needs repeated strong signals before getting alarmed or one who feels alarmed at any signal?

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Seven Rules to Prepare for Change.

There is not one method for handling all changes. Better to prepare for any change. How to do it? A note with seven rules and hints for practice

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Actually these are three sites in one.

For who can read Dutch, visit the pages in Dutch because the articles and blogs are all different. No translations, all unique contributions, just in another language. It depends on the language of a project and the group we had in mind when writing.

At the pages in Mandarin it is possible to fill in the Quick Scan in Cooperation Readiness and get report in Mandarin.

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Losing Control

Even Gong is often confronted with employees who lose control over their emotions. She studied this topic and sent all her managers and employees a note on how to handle this.

Our mood changes all the time….. ...

What company culture to choose?

Integrating two companies that have their own success history is not an easy thing to do. Can it be done by pushing the culture of the dominant one? Or is it possible to avoid the culture issue?

A recipe in seven steps ...

The Inspire Group

The Inspire Group in China, Huiyan Zhang, Lily Chen, Tan Wufeng and Ton Voogt execute effective, nice, unique projects. Scripts of several of these are reported on this site.

You are interested to know more? Send an email to Huiyan Zhang:

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