Newsletter November 2016

Need to know on Cooperation

Cooperation is the intuitive action, selfishness the result of deliberation

David Rand

In: Selfishness is learned
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Performance Psychology and Technology to Increase Success at the Workplace

45 sheets

Choon-Neo Siow

pioneers in learning to get better performances at the workplace also resulting in higher client satisfaction and workers feel more confident.

She combined new insights in instructional design, psychology of learning and new technology. She develops a new structured coaching system: Nonlinear Objective Multi-Avatar Training (NOMAD).

"There was always this question lingering in my mind: why can’t employees perform sooner rather than later upon hiring? Why must training take 10 days instead of 2? Can learning and performance be one?"

Enjoy the presentation and feedback is always welcomed.

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5 Tips on Action Learning

Even Gong

read a book on action learning. Filled with enthusiasm she ran into practice and stumbled over unexpected obstacles. She presents the obstacles and hands on tips she learned.

Experiences with Action Learning ...

Do I understand China?

Frans van Gunsteren

active in China for clients of McKinsey, observes details and constructs general concepts to understand 'what is going on in China?' His new blog:

Thoughts on china ...

Change and Continuity

This website is filled with analysis, scripts for workshops, studies, blogs, contributions of Ton Voogt, Huiyan Zhang, Choon-Neo Siow, Even Gong, Frans van Gunsteren. I selected articles that focus on the topic 'Change and Continuity in organizations'.

Many ask “How can we best react on change?’ but maybe asking “how to prepare for change?’ leads to better answers.

Where to start a change? At the top or...?. Peter Drucker set the stage in 1955 saying: “A decision should always be made at the lowest possible level ensuring that all activities and objectives affected are fully considered” ...
When Change? Some lack any sense of urgency while others see spooks everywhere. Read on how difficult it is to construct details into patterns. ...
Why do you want change? Because you want the organization to survive in a changing environment. What pushes change and what glues continuity? Rietberger analyses the history of Europe and come up with answers. Hubert Hermans defined human development i ...
Cooperation is a natural intuitive action that cannot be ruined, but in an organization Selfish behavior can develop to the dominant behavior. What are weak signals that indicate disintegrating cooperation? ...

Let the Spark Ignite

Ton Voogt

Streetperformers attract the attention of random public, make them watch, enjoy and show their appreciation.

Some transform into fans.

Nine lessons for entrepreneurs ...

Talent Management for Everybody

Ton Voogt

Major shifts in thinking on talents, selection and organization during the last ten years are also supported by the idea that many small actions can realize large effects.

If all employees improve by one percent every other week, the total progress for a company is larger than a rise between 10% to 20% in one year realized by the 10% highly talented employees.

The Development Approach ...
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